Awareness Campaigns

What are our Awareness Weeks?

Each year, in the weeks leading up to our Awareness Campaigns, we encourage all of you to take part in our amazing activities – a full seven days where families and individuals, health professionals and friends all over the UK are taking part in activities to raise money and awareness for Steps Charity and the conditions we support.

We’ve come a long way in raising awareness since 1980 but there’s still more to be done until everyone understands lower limb conditions. We need the public’s support to raise vital funds to continue with our work to ensure that;

  • Every parent who has a child diagnosed with a lower limb condition obtains the best possible support and information in order to make an informative decision;
  • Every parent is aware of the options, has clear facts about the likely prognosis of treatment methods and what they entail;
  • Clear guidelines are available to parents, from early detection through pregnancy, early months and treatment;
  • Adequate training on the guidelines is provided to relevant health professional in the UK;
  • Steps has the necessary funds to continue to operate a helpline, website and distribute booklets to support anyone affected by lower limb conditions;
  • Steps continues to assist researchers investigating the challenges facing children and adults affected by lower limb conditions
  • Steps continues to support the work of partner charities such as Global Clubfoot Initiative and the RUNFREE2030 campaignLimbPower and Limbless Association.

When are our World Awareness Weeks?

Hemimelia Week – October

Hip Health Week – March

5 Superhero Steps Week – Late April / Early May

Clubfoot/Talipes  Week – Early June

How you can help?

  • At Steps we recognise the importance of social media as a means to raise awareness and show support for those in need. We therefore ask you to change your profile picture for a week and replace it with our Facebook Profile Icons. By doing so you will be showing your support to thousands of families and children affected by lower limb conditions.
  • Take part in our amazing challenges or raise money your own way, maybe at school or at work. You can get your hands on one of our free fundraising guides (insert link), packed full of great ideas on how to raise money during our Awareness Weeks.
  • Donate by text.  It’s as simple as it gets!  Better still, it’s free and can be made on any UK network. Make a donation of £3, £4, £5 or £10 to Steps by texting WEBS12 and the donation amount (eg WEBS12 £5) to 70070. Do it today and see how easy it is!:
  • Share your stories and raise awareness. We would also love to share your stories, so please send them to us: they are a source of comfort and inspiration. You might also consider getting your story featured in a local magazine or newspaper or sending it to us to submit to our media contacts.

Feel free to email our fantastic fundraising team, they will be happy to help you with your fundraising activities

A list of all our campaigns are listed below, click on each one for more information and how you can help Steps.