Hip Health Awareness Month

How to get involved with Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month 

There are so many ways you can get involved to raise awareness and support Steps, take a look at our list – there’s something for everyone!

Take part in our Hip Dip swimming Challenge!

Hip Dip is a sponsored swim with a distance to suit all abilities.

Swimming is particularly good for those born with hip conditions as it emphasizes upper body activities while the body weight is supported, thus avoiding any load on the hip joint. You can choose whether to swim 400m, 1.5k, 2.5k, 5k or triple 5k as an individual, or 1.5k or 5k as part of a team. – You decide! Then get people to sponsor you.

Email us at fundraising@steps-charity.org.uk once you’ve set up your Just Giving page. You can buy Hip Dip swimming caps here.

steps worldwide
steps worldwide
steps worldwide

Join the #DDHwarrior colour-me-in campaign

We want to know how many #DDHwarriors we have out there

Be as creative as possible in colouring in the poster, add your name and where you are from!

Take a photo and send it to Steps Charity Worldwide at fundraising@steps-charity.org.uk

Every photo will be added to our #ddhwarrior montage

Girl with DDH poster

Change your social media profile photo

Help raise awareness and show your support to thousands of families and children affected by lower limb conditions by changing your social media profile photos during Hip Health Awareness Month.

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Share your stories

We would love to share your stories, so please send them to us at info@steps-charity.org.uk. They are a source of comfort and inspiration. You might also contact a local magazine or newspaper or send it to us to submit to our media contacts.

George and Henry

Do your own fundraising activity

Download our fundraising guide for help and ideas to successfully raise money for Steps. Every penny will help families around the world who are experiencing hip and other lower limb conditions.

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