Perthes’ Disease


Discovering that your child has Perthes’ disease can be overwhelming, and you might be uncertain about what steps to take next. Children with Perthes’ often face challenges because they may not realize something is wrong, or they may have difficulties in expressing their needs. Our goal is to offer guidance to help you and your child through their Perthes’ disease journey and provide support along the way.

Perthes’ factsheet

For a quick guide to Perthes’ read our Perthes’ factsheet.

What is Perthes’ disease?

Perthes’ Disease is the shorter name for Legg-Calve-Perthes’ Disease (named after three doctors who helped first spot it and treat it), it is a condition that some children have that can mean their hips don’t move or work like other children’s do.

For more information read our Parents Perthes’ Guide

Signs and symptoms of Perthes’ disease

There are a few things that might be a sign of Perthes’ Disease, the three most common signs are that you start walking in a way that looks different to other children (limping), that you have difficulty moving your legs properly, or that you feel pain in your leg or hip.

Listen to our webinar on Perthes’ disease in childhood and some of the latest research happening in the UK right now. 

Treatment of Perthes’ disease

Although there is a lot of work and lots of research being done on Perthes’ Disease and how to treat it, there is not yet an agreement amongst all doctors, surgeons, and clinicians on how to do this best. Doctors have different ideas about how to help, and it will be different for each child.

Watch Declan’s story from being diagnosed with Perthes’ to becoming a professional football player.

Perthes’ into adulthood

Perthes’ is a childhood condition, and can be treated, but it can raise some concerns later in life, such as the need for a hip replacement.
Watch our webinar addressing questions raised by the Steps community looking at the journey into adulthood.

Support and more information

Steps is a community with links to families and professionals who can help you on your Perthes’ journey. Check out our Contact Us page for all the ways to contact our community.

Steps has also made a helpful guide for parents and caregivers when their child is going into hospital, how to prepare, and how to talk to your child.

If your child is having surgery of the hip, and will wear a Spica Cast, Steps have created a guide for understanding the Hip Spica Cast.

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