Digital Support Groups


Please visit our Steps Facebook Support Groups 

Steps has created two closed Facebook groups; one for adults and one for parents impacted by lower limb conditions.

Our Digital Support Groups on Facebook offer a safe online place where families and people affected by lower limb conditions can connect. Our Groups enable you to share your experiences, access support and connect with the wider community.

The page is closed so that members can feel confident that they can ask questions they may not want on a public forum.

Before we approve your request to join, you will be asked to answer a few questions to ensure the group is right for you and that we are best meeting your needs. Answering the questions is compulsory for entry into the groups. You will also be asked to accept our code of conduct.

To join our Parent Support Group please click on the link below;


To join our Adult Support Groupplease click here >

Family Support Day 

Throughout the year, Steps organises a series of Family Support Days in a relaxed and safe environment. Families or carers of children with lower limb conditions have the opportunity to meet and discuss their journeys. It is also a chance for families or carers to meet with the Steps team and share ideas, concerns or simply to say hi! Please look at our calendar to find out where and when the next Family Support Day will take place.