Vision, Mission and What We Do

Vision, Mission and What We Do

Every year in the UK, 2,500 babies are born with a serious childhood lower limb condition. These leg conditions vary in their symptoms, frequency and prognosis. But without the correct diagnosis, treatment and support, it would be impossible for any of these children to walk properly later in life.

That’s where Steps comes in!

Founded in 1980, Steps is recognised as the leading organisation in its field. No other charity covers the same ground as us. Simply, we believe that all those with a childhood leg condition should have the very best chance to achieve their maximum potential.

Our mission is to ensure:

  • that those affected by childhood leg conditions are fully informed and supported, from diagnosis to treatment;
  • that there is widespread understanding of childhood leg conditions and of the challenges facing those affected by them;
  • that every effort is made to improve treatment and support for childhood leg conditions

We do this by:

  • providing practical and emotional support through our Steps Helpline and digital presence;
  • ensuring that families are as fully informed as possible about the realities, challenges and options that lie ahead. We have a range of award-winning booklets, films and online resources;
  • offering a safe place to share concerns and to benefit from the experience of others, through our Family Contact Service and online community;
  • giving financial support to purchase specialist car seats for children;
  • increasing public awareness of childhood lower limb conditions, through our communication activities;
  • working with the NHS, to encourage best practice. We also raise awareness of the issues concerning patients and their families;
  • striving for a better future, through our work with research projects. This is to increase understanding of, and improve treatment for, all aspects of childhood lower limb conditions.

How we make it happen

Everything we do is through the hard work and skill of our staff, volunteers and trustees. But none of it would be possible without the commitment and generosity of our supporters and donors. We’re proud of what we achieve on a modest budget of less than £200,000. But with more funding, there is so much more we can do! Please consider what steps you can take to help us.

As we like to say at Steps, “We don’t take walking for granted!”