Family And Peer To Peer Support


Family Support Day 

Throughout the year, Steps organises a series of Family Support Days in a relaxed and safe environment. Families or carers of children with lower limb conditions have the opportunity to meet and discuss their journeys. It is also a chance for families or carers to meet with the Steps team and share ideas, concerns or simply to say hi! Please look at our calendar to find out where and when the next Family Support Day will take place.

Watch this short video about our most recent Family Support Day in Stockport

This short video shows the Steps Christmas Party and Support Day in Winchester, 2019.

“Step-In” Camps

Steps are pleased to launch our new “Step-In” Camps. We are partnering with the Calvert Trust in the Lake District to offer an invaluable weekend experience where families with children affected by a lower limb condition come together to meet, discuss and share their experiences of living with that condition. This may well be the first-time children will meet others sharing their condition therefore the weekend is designed to offer activities and workshops where the entire family can “step-in” and share medical, social and emotional experiences that will be of use and some comfort to the families involved. The weekend also promises to offer lots of fun through the many activities available! With qualified professionals, volunteers and other dedicated staff on hand, we hope to provide some time and space for families to make lasting friendships.

To see more about our “Step In” Camps, please visit our page here.

Family in a canoe