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We are the leading charity working for all those whose
lives are affected by childhood lower limb conditions.

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Steps is the leading charity working for all those whose lives are affected by childhood lower limb conditions . Everything we do is about valuing and supporting individuals, families and carers affected by conditions which have an impact on the legs, hips or feet.

We are the only charity which supports the most common and much rarer lower limb conditions. Our valuable experience can help families, individuals and carers make confident and informed decisions at what can be a confusing and difficult time. How do you do it? We partner with health national systems and local communities around the world not only to raise the medical standards, care and emotional support – but also to establish them!

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babies are born with Clubfoot worldwide each year


are born with, or develop a hip disorder each year


approximate number of people with a need for prosthetics/orthotics and related rehabilitation services


About Us

Every day thousands of children are affected by a serious lower limb condition. These leg conditions vary in their symptoms, frequency and prognosis. But without the correct diagnosis, treatment and support, it would be impossible for any of these children to walk properly later in life. We have created a model of true local sustainability. We partner with health national systems and communities around the world not only to raise the medical standards, care and emotional support –  but to establish them! The support we provide is elevating the standards of care around the world, giving a change to everybody to walk without pain. As we like to say here at Steps, we don’t take walking for granted.


Who are we?

Steps was founded in 1980 by Sue Banton in the United Kingdom. Sue’s son Daniel was born with clubfoot and, at that time, there was limited support and medical options for families affected by the condition. She was determined to change this, not only for herself but for all the families and individuals facing the same challenges. Forty years on, her legacy is still very much alive and is reaching countries all over the world.

Latest News

New research underway into Perthes Disease

Perthes disease is a condition that results in collapse of a child’s hip bone, affecting their ability to run, play sports and for some children making even walking difficult. Perthes is a condition about which there has been relatively little research to date,...

In memory: Clifford Morgan, prosthetic technician

In memory: Clifford Morgan, prosthetic technician

Clifford Morgan 3rd September 1936 - 18th January 2021 Clifford Morgan was a prosthetic technician at the Nuffield Orthopedic Centre in Oxford. Here, his niece Kelly Homer pays tribute to him and a long career using his skills to help others.   On the 15th of...

Will’s Perthes story

Will’s Perthes story

I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed with Perthes disease but am now 27 and living a full and healthy life. Those early years are some of the most vivid memories that I carry from my childhood. Whilst the news was devastating at the time, I can look back at those...

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Our Stories

Oscar’s Talipes Story

Oscar’s Talipes Story

Oscar was born with bilateral talipes equinovarus. According to Daisy, Oscar's Mum, he "had a very severe case, to the point where his big toes were effectively touching his shins. The paediatricians and physios at both Croydon University Hospital and St. George's...

Noah’s Perthes story

Noah’s Perthes story

Noah is a very talented footballer. He was kicking a football before he could walk. At the age of 6 he started playing at Everton’s Development Centre as well as playing for two other teams and playing futsal. Summer 2019 Noah started to complain of pain in his feet...

Fred’s Perthes Story

Fred’s Perthes Story

When Fred was 3 he started complaining of pains in left leg, at first we thought he’d pulled a muscle. He was a typical 3 year old boy running and jumping off everything. He kept complaining, sometimes of pain in his left knee and sometimes he had a limp. We had...