Why it matters

Steps is widely recognised as the leading charity supporting those affected by childhood lower limb conditions.  No other organisation covers the same ground as us.

Your support means that we’re able to carry out our work, by:

  • Providing practical and emotional support through our Steps Helpline and digital presence
  • Ensuring that families are as fully informed as possible about the realities, challenges and options that lie ahead, with a range of award-winning booklets, films and online resources
  • Offering a safe place to share concerns and to benefit from the experience of others, through our Family Contact Service and online community
  • Giving financial support to purchase specialist car seats for children
  • Increasing public awareness of childhood lower limb conditions, through our communication activities
  • Working with the NHS, to encourage best practice and to raise awareness of the issues concerning patients and their families
  • Striving for a better future, through our work with research projects to increase understanding of, and improve treatment for, all aspects of childhood lower limb conditions

Our Impact

We know how important and valued our work is, from the feedback we receive from the thousands of families with whom we’ve worked.  For example:

  • 96% of parents say they felt better informed about their child’s condition, as a result of the support received from Steps
  • 94% said they felt more confident asking informed questions about their child’s care and prognosis
  • 88% say family stress levels were reduced

“Myself and my husband felt very much alone until we contacted Steps.  I have told our healthcare providers that you were there when they were not”

“The closed Facebook group is amazing……So reassuring knowing you’re not alone”

“The site is amazing and the information I received was excellent”

After feeling so worried over my son’s feet and balance issues, Steps put me in touch with people going through the same and we now correspond regularly.  This wouldn’t have happened without them”

Please contact us if there’s any aspect of our work you’d like to discuss further.

And thank you so much for supporting Steps!