Oillies Story

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Many years ago I was having my first scan with my 3rd child.  Having had 2 healthy happy children already, my husband and I were excited to see baby number 3! The face on the lady doing the scan will stay with me, along with the words “I need to get the doctor”…

Ollie was diagnosed with bi-lateral talipes and for that brief moment my world crumbled… What will happen? How bad are his feet? What can be done? The doctor said the condition could be linked to other problems and advised an Amniocentesis! This had to be the longest few weeks of my life…. I was bonding with my baby and his brother and sister were asking questions. The relief that he was absolutely fine – apart from his twisted feet was desperately welcomed.

Ollie was born weighing a whopping 9lb 5oz…. he was perfect albeit his twisted feet.  I’m sure you know the drill… the day after he was born, he had his feet plastered. These casts were changed every week as he grew.  He then had an operation at 3 months to release the tight tendons.

I did a charity jailbreak in 2005 to raise money for STEPS… the hospital had limited information and you were so supportive.

Skip forward to today…. we have just been to visit Ollie at the Aviation Academy where he has been accepted and is in ground-school training to become a a commercial pilot!!!! He passed his PPL (private pilots license) on his 20th birthday.

I couldn’t be more proud and wanted to pass this on to any new mum’s in a similar position that I was in 21 years ago… Ollie is living his dream and has literally flown the nest! I was desperate to find happy outcomes – I hope this gives someone “a positive” that I needed.