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Sharing Our Story – Bai

I got in touch with Steps Charity after I wanted a second opinion on the treatment my daughter was receiving at the local hospital for her talipes.

I spoke with a lovely lady called Collette, who then got me in touch with Naomi Davies at RMCH. I could not have been happier, as I knew I was in the best hands.

It was hard as my daughter was already 8 months old and should have been in the boots & bar from 12 weeks. I was upset as she was already mobile and I was concerned about her then being in the boots & bar for 23 hours a day. However, it is so surprising how adaptable and resilient children are
& my daughter was soon crawling around, standing up, climbing the stairs, walking along the sofa and behind her walker & I have even seen her jump in her boots & bar!

It was a difficult time, my daughter always woke in the night, I think when she wanted to turn over but was restricted with the boots & bar.

She stopped wearing them in September 2016 & received a certificate. It was such a good day & the perseverance had definitely paid off.

I just wanted to share her story as having talipes has not hindered her in any way, as you can see from the pictures she does gymnastics & has even won some medals. And look at those pointy toes in her splits!

So to all the families going through this at the moment, we just want to say hang in there, the ponseti method is amazing & stick with it & you will see the results.