Lucy’s Story

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PFFD  (Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency)

Hi there, this is me Lucy with my brother and sister.  I’m the little one at the front with the glasses and the cute smile. This is me at a recent Kuk Sool Won Tournament.  KSW is a mixed martial art that I have been doing now for almost two years. I am the only one in my martial arts school who wears a prosthetic leg.  In fact, when we meet with hundreds of Kuk Sool Won students, Instructors and Masters  at lots of different Tournaments I am still the only one who wears a prosthetic leg.   From the beginning, in tournaments, I have been treated the same as everyone else.  I test and I compete!  It’s not easy but I just try my best.  So far I have earned my yellow stripe. In tournament I compete against boys and girls who have two equal legs and I am proud to say I have always earned a place on the podium.   No one feels sorry for me, they judge me fairly. My hope is to be the first amputee to gain a black belt in KSW. I was born with unilateral PFFD and Fibular Hemimelia. My mum and dad decided that amputation of my foot would be the best option for me.  I call my little leg ‘thumper’ and everyone in my family loves her! My message to anyone who wears a false leg like me is to,  ‘Have a go! Try your best!’