Rebecca’s Story

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I was born with DDH. My hip socket was too shallow so I had the full works of treatment (I can’t remember the names but it included a frame, traction and then a number of surgeries to reshape it) all before the age of three.

I was referred to a local ballet class as physiotherapy which I did from the age of 3 to 16 then I dropped out of doing exercise in most of my 20’s.

I took up running in my late 20’s and in the first place I had some hip pain which I found went when I did strengthening exercises for the muscles which support the hip. During this time I asked a GP whether there was any problem with me running considering my history and he said, somewhat flippantly, “you can run but not long distances. You’ll never do a marathon or anything.”

Unfortunately it was long distances I was particularly keen on and I’m never someone who listens to someone saying I can’t do something so I ignored his advice.

With time and training I am now a keen runner and have gone on to complete a number of ultramarathons including one of 70 miles between Carlisle and Newcastle. On this one I did get some hip pain afterwards due to not having quite strong enough muscles but with rest and strengthening exercises I have had no lasting effects and am training for a 50 miler in the Lake District next year.