Girish’s clubfoot story (India)

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We have many stories that inspire us to do better every day. This one story is of our little fighter Girish.  

Girish, an only son was diagnosed with clubfoot on his left leg at birth. Born in a family where a disabled child is not given much preference, Girish’s father was not much in favour of seeking treatment for his child. Despite discouragement from the family, it was Girish’s mother who sought treatment for Girish. The initial treatment failed, as Girish’s mother could not cope up with household work and taking Girish to the hospital all by herself. 

But Girish and his mother never gave up hope! When Girish turned 9, his mother, determined to correct her son’s feet to enable him to go to school, took the help of her brother and her neighbours, to seek treatment at GMCH, Chandigarh, and got him enrolled at the clinic of Steps’ partner, CURE International India Trust (CIIT).  

Girish has now undergone 12 casts, and a tenotomy operation. He is currently fitted with a brace and is making progress every day.  

Witnessing the unimaginable and miraculous progress of Girish, his father now acknowledges the hard work and determination of Girish’s mother and has started to accompany them for their follow-up visits to the clinic. 

Girish in a wheelchair

Our international work

As part of the Global Strategy RUNFREE 2030,  Steps works with partners around the world to ensure that by 2030 at least 70% of children born with clubfoot in low- and middle-income countries can access treatment. To learn more about RUNFREE2030 watch our video here.

To donate to our international projects click on  RUNFREE 2030 – A Global Strategy to End Clubfoot Disability by 2030 – JustGiving