Prosthetic’s Equipment List


Equipment list suggestions from parents

Prosthetic leg


What our parents say;

Only wide leg trousers will fit over prosthetic’

‘He needs to wear trousers with a bit of stretch (jogging bottoms) or shorts’

‘Learn how to cut & hem trousers!’

Used by parents:
  • Iron on reinforcement strips for trousers (prevents prosthetic rubbing at clothing)
  • Microfibre travel towel with ‘wicking’ qualities for drying residual lime while out and about, before re donning
  • Velcro or ‘hook and loop’ type fasteners within trouser seams
  • Normal high street tops and/ or dresses, baggy jogging bottoms.
  • Thick leggings
  • Sports pants with poppers up the side
  •  Trousers altered by cutting up the seam and sewing inserts
  • Loose fitting dresses
  • Zip off hiking trousers
  • Lots of spare socket socks


  • Shoe horn
  • Trainers and adapted trainers (photo)
  • Velcro on the sole of prosthetic foot to secure sandals and flipflops
  • Winter ski boots with waterproof zip or laces

Getting out

What our parents say:

‘I use a neopreen sleeve and talc for sandy places (it sort of makes sand less sticky; you shake it over the skin where the sand it and it drops off)’

‘Baby wipes are great for a quick clean- up of your prosthetic’

‘We used a Bugaboo pram- he sat in the pram unit with reins for 12 months then the seat unit until the age of 6’

‘Get a good wheelchair and have it regularly maintained’

‘Get STRONG as you will carry your child loads’

‘Get a car with a big boot for wheelchair and all the legs’

‘Kaye walking frames have been very helpful’

‘I keep WD40 and compressed air, in case the pin sticks’

‘Always have waterproof clothing and picnic blankets. Spare shoes and change of clothes. Always carry a backpack on the wheelchair for carrying items’

Used by parents:


What our parents say:

‘Don’t beat yourself up when they play on consoles when they need to rest and get an iPad for all the appointments’

 ‘Keep them as active as they can be, when they can be, and go with the flow when they can’t wear prostheses and get bored and stroppy’

 ‘Swimming is good for exercise and muscle movements’

Used by parents
  • Games console (for when they are physically tired and need some stimulation) 

Skin care/ washing

What our parents say:

 ‘I now have a stool by the bath which my son can climb into as he gets out, wrap him in a proper dressing gown and then I lift him from the stool, not the bath- still not ideal but that extra height really helps’

 Used by parents:
  • Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil: for soothing the skin at night where to socket rubs
  • Childs Farm unfragranced baby wash 
  • Dermol Lotion
  • Resilience prosthetic salve
  • Sillicone socket liner
  • Shower chair
  • Arnica gel/cream for bruises
  • Aveena cream for dry skin
  • lavender scented bedtime cream to aid sleep,
  • Sudocrem
  • E45 cream

General hints

What our parents/ kids say:

 ‘When I’m a clinic appointments, I put sticky coloured dots (like the ones you use at school) on my stump to show where the pressure/ sore points are’

‘A towel warmer helps get liners / comfort socks warm on cold winter mornings’

‘Took us a while to find a chair that suited our child. A Bambach Saddle style chair has been invaluable’

‘He has a Breezi highchair supplied by OT with arms’

Used by parents
  • Breezi highchair with arms
  • Bambach Saddle seat
  • Towel warmer (for prosthetic socks on cold mornings)
  • Sticky coloured dots (for indicating pressure points at clinic appointments)