Running for Etta diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia

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‘As a family, we had no idea about the conditions such as hip dysplasia.
When Etta wasn’t hitting the gross motor milestones by age 1 we weren’t overly concerned. We were very fortunate that a health visitor flagged it up with us at her 1 year check and, during lockdown, agreed to see us face to face. She found that Etta had additional buttock creases and that she was unable to bear any weight in her legs. Following an x-ray, Etta’s orthopaedic consultant confirmed hyper-mobility and DDH. He asked us to wait for 5 months, until Etta was 18 months old, to carry out another x-ray and monitor her hip development before deciding on her treatment.
In July 2021, she had her second x-ray and it was decided that surgery on both hips would be required. The news has been quite scary, overwhelming and emotional as a family. We know that in the long term it will be for the best.
The Steps website, information booklets and contact has been amazing, in addition to all the Steps Facebook forums. The charity has helped us navigate something so daunting and has helped us to focus on the practical aspects/ equipment that we will need.’
On September 12th 2021, Sally and Danny and ran the Brighton 10km to support children and families impacted by hip dysplasia. They have raised £1,145! An incredible amount.