It’s #clubfootawarness week!


Clubfoot Awareness Week – 1st to the 7th June 2020

Every day 500 babies are born worldwide with a condition called Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV), commonly known as Clubfoot or Talipes. Untreated clubfoot is a leading cause of physical disability in the developing world, leaving children unable to walk properly.

Unfortunately, the majority of babies born with clubfoot cannot access treatment and over one million currently live with the pain and stigma of untreated clubfoot, often subject to high rates of illiteracy, physical and sexual abuse, neglect and lifelong poverty.

Until relatively recently in certain countries, children that were able to access healthcare, were treated with major surgery. The results from surgery were often ineffective.

Increasingly more and more evidence indicates that the longer term impact of cases that were initially considered successful outcomes were also poor, leaving the feet of patients stiff and painful over time.

World Clubfoot Day takes place on 3 June and this marks the Birthday of Dr Ignacio Ponseti – the pioneer of a global, minimally invasive and successful treatment for Talipes/Clubfoot.

The Ponseti method involves a specific casting technique followed by a strict routine requiring a boots and bar brace. The results have been remarkable, when treatment is performed by specially trained practitioners. Poor technique and straying from the correct wearing of the boots and bar can lead to poor results.

To date there is still no governing body to ensure that practitioners are adequately trained to carry out the treatment according to the Ponseti Method and guidance. With the impact of COVID-19 and the delay in starting the treatment it is of vital importance that the correct techniques and protocols are followed.

Steps, along with members of the Global Clubfoot Initiative have set out a comprehensive approach, tackling the issue of clubfoot on a global scale through developing and supporting national clubfoot programs providing the highly effective Ponseti treatment.

Steps equally recognises the vital role that parents play in ensuring compliance with boots and bar. A key priority for Steps remains enhancement of emotional and practical support to parents and adults from diagnosis to treatment and after care.

To date, there is limited emotional support provided to the parents once clubfoot is diagnosed. At times, the option for early termination of pregnancy is discussed before an appropriate specialist has had an opportunity to review the case. This results in parents being under significant pressure to reach a conclusion with limited information available.

How can you help?

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