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Steps is the only UK provider of support and information for people affected by the range of childhood lower limb conditions, including clubfoot and hip dysplasia. Since 1980, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and understanding of lower limb conditions and the impact they can have on those affected.

Many health professionals have told us that they are not fully aware of the support services we offer.

Put simply, Steps believes that all those with a childhood lower limb condition should have the very best chance to achieve their maximum potential.  We work to achieve this:

  • by providing practical and emotional support through our Steps Helpline and digital presence;
  • by ensuring that families are as fully informed as possible about the realities, challenges and options that lie ahead, with a range of award-winning booklets, films and online resources;
  • by offering a safe place to share concerns and to benefit from the experience of others, through our Family Contact Service and online community;
  • by giving financial support to purchase specialist car seats for children;
  • by increasing public awareness of childhood lower limb conditions, through our communication activities;
  • by working with the NHS, to encourage best practice and to raise awareness of the issues concerning patients and their families;
  • by striving for a better future, through our work with research projects to increase understanding of, and improve treatment for, all aspects of childhood lower limb conditions.

At Steps, we recognise the need to work with health professionals. By working together, we can make sure that anyone affected by clubfoot, hip dysplasia or any other lower limb condition is aware of our support services and can have access to them for as long they need to.

We have produced a handy guide to our BMA Award winning publications for AHPs. The Publication Order Form can be downloaded here and sent to

Steps and In Control have created a joint guide for families eligible for a Personal Health Budget.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions about what we do. If you’d like to order any publications or are interested in more information please message us.

Ponseti Poster

The Ponseti Method involves a specific casting technique and a strict routine with a boots and bar brace.

STEPS are very grateful to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, a centre of excellence for treating Talipes/Clubfoot, for sending us their Ponseti Poster which details a ‘step by step’ guide to the Ponseti Method technique which you may find useful.